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Welcome to KIPP Gaston College Preparatory (GCP). Please excuse the website construction.

KIPP GCP was founded in 2001 as one of the first KIPP schools in the entire country and year after year has demonstrated the reality that "All Children Can Learn."

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Our teachers share a passion for helping underserved children, regardless of race and background, climb the mountain to college — yet each offers a distinct vision, inspiration, and motivation for the hard work and dedication they put forth each and every day.

College Signing Day Covered by UNC-TV

A big thanks to Rob Holliday of UNC-TV for coming out to Gaston, not once, but twice, to cover College Signing Day and talk to our students.

College Signing Day on WRAL

A huge thank you goes out to Beau Minnick of WRAL in Raleigh for coming out to Gaston for College Signing Day. See his fantastic story below or read about it here

Swine Flu information from the CDC

For our students and parents here is a link to information on "Swine Flu" from the Center for Disease Control.

College Signing Day! Thursday, April 30, 2009!

100% of the senior class has been accepted to college.
Gaston College Preparatory, one of the first KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) schools in the country, is about to graduate its first class of seniors.

On April 30, 2009, each senior, in signing day fashion, will reveal for the first time, the college they have chosen to attend.

This event is the culmination of a nearly 10 year journey for many of these students and the school and a testament to what can be achieved when you believe that all kids can learn.

In Durham, North Carolina, this KIPPster is ready for college

KIPP alumnus Myles Jackson Nicholson When Myles Nicholson was a little kid living in California, his mom gave him an old, rickety computer with QBasic, a programming language, and a copy of QBasic for Dummies. By the time he was eight, Myles was hooked. “I started making my own little programs, testing them out on my mom and sisters. It was my introduction to computer science, and I loved it,” he remembers.

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School Phone: 252-308-6932
School Fax: 252-308-6936

320 Pleasant Hill Road
Gaston, NC 27832-9511

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KIPP Schools

There are over 80 KIPP public schools in 19 states and the District of Columbia enrolling more than 20,000 students. The majority of KIPP schools (more than 85 percent) are middle schools designed to serve fifth through eighth grade students. The remaining schools include seven high schools, six pre-kindergarten/elementary schools, and one pre-kindergarten through eighth grade school.

More than 80 percent of KIPP students are eligible for the federal free and reduced-price meals program. Students are accepted regardless of prior academic record, conduct, or socioeconomic background.

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In 2000, Doris and Don Fisher, co-founders of Gap Inc., formed a unique partnership with Feinberg and Levin to replicate the success of the two original KIPP Academies through the non-profit KIPP Foundation. The KIPP Foundation focuses its efforts on recruiting, training, and supporting outstanding leaders to open new, locally run KIPP schools in high-need communities.

The KIPP Foundation does not manage KIPP schools, but is responsible for supporting and monitoring school quality across the network. Each KIPP school is run independently by a KIPP-trained school leader and local board of directors.